Day 1 – Dublin

We arrived at Dublin International Airport at approximately 7:15 a.m. (Dublin Time). Needless to say we were tired. Our flight went really well, it was a smaller plane than I personally expected but tickets were affordable. We flew WestJet from Toronto with a slight layover in St John’s.

Once we landed we took a taxi to our hotel. It was an expensive ride but at that point we just wanted a few hours to sleep and the quickest, easiest way to the hotel was via taxi. Our driver was very friendly and told a few quite entertaining jokes. I am terrible with relating these types of stories but ask me next time you see me and I will do my best with the delivery. We got to the hotel simply wanting to check into our room and sleep but they didn’t have the type of room available. The wonderful woman at the front desk however said their was an executive room available if we wanted to upgrade our reservation. Yes, this meant more money but the suite includes complimentary breakfast plus free pop and water. Honestly, it was the best decision even for just the few hours of immediate sleep that we received.

When we woke up, our first thought was food. We exited the hotel towards the city centre and cut through St. Steven’s Green to get to Dawson Street, which the front desk at the hotel said had many different restaurants. First of all, I love St. Steven’s Green. There are flowers, we saw a meditation circle, fountains, statures, playgrounds, gazebos, bridges, basically everything.


When we got to Dawson St. (after a bit of searching) we ended up in a nice pub called Bruxelle’s and ordered our first Irish Fish & Chips and Beer. DELICIOUS!



We also got some of the best spring rolls we had ever eaten. Seriously, they were perfection! Perfectly crunchy and oh so yummy! If you ever go to this place I highly recommend the spring rolls.

Our next stop was The Guinness Storehouse, which was a bit of a walk, but we got to see a bunch of Dublin which was so nice! Such as these hanging umbrellas, I am sorry I don’t remember where this was as we stumbled upon it while following Siri to The Storehouse.


We then made it to our destination and it honestly took far less time than I thought it would.


The price of admission was quite a bit, but they give you a free pint and it’s honestly worth it just for the view from the Gravity Bar on the top floor. A 360 degree view of the city! BREATHTAKING! It was quite crowded while we were there but I managed to get a few lovely pictures.



I am also now certified to pour the perfect pint of Guinness which was a lot of fun. I don’t have a picture of me pouring my pint because the shadow of the tap was on my face (short people problems) but I got a photo of Mel doing it! PROOF!



I also found my new favourite quote on the advertising floor of the Storehouse. Check it out and tell me it isn’t the best, I dare you!


Also it was located with a statue of a fish riding a bicycle, crazy but true!


Also located on this floor was this wonderful installation. As a theatre kid it reminds me of Wicked…anyone else see it?


When we finished up we walked back to the hotel for a bit of a break. We were quite hungry by this point and in our search for something quick we found a small pizza place on a side street. It was fantastic pizza. I don’t know which street we were on but the place was called Credo. I recommend it if you are in the mood for some take away pizza.

We ended the day at Whalen’s for some live music and dancing. For those of you who don’t immediately know this place was featured in P.S. I Love You. We were dancing in the same room that Gerard Butler sang Galway Girl! We met two very nice Irish men and danced the night away. I don’t have any pictures but a good time was definitely had.

We went back to the hotel and so ends day 1! I am writing this on day 2 and I seriously need some sleep so day 1 is all I can give you for now. Hope it was a good read. I have never blogged like this before so hopefully I will get better as the trip goes on.

Best Wishes!

~Sara D’Agostino



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