Day 2 – Dublin

Our first stop on our second day in Dublin was St. Trinity’s College. I wanted to see the old library (it’s on the list of must see libraries) and I dragged Mel along, she did enjoy it though so I don’t feel too bad. We got to see the Book of Kells as well, which was very interesting, I enjoyed the exhibit they had set up before you got to the room and the Book of Kells was very cool to see but it was a bit crowded around the actual book. But after you go up to the library and I was in absolute heaven! This was my place, I felt at home. There are two floors full of books (the pictures do not do it justice at all) and there are historical busts along the perimeter and display cabinets of books and works of art. It was an absolutely amazing experience.



Afterwards we explored a bit of the campus which made me want to pursue another degree just so I could apply here.


Our next stop was the Museum of Archaeology, which was a very short walk from Trinity College. Mel and I took Archaeology together in Grade 12 so it would have been a pity to miss this opportunity to experience these exhibits together. Admission is free for this museum and the exhibits are very informative and intriguing. If you are in Dublin I definitely recommend this museum. They had a section devoted to Kings and Sacrifice in which there are a few preserved bodies that were found in bogs, it was a bit intense to see so many especially as they all met violent ends. I don’t have many pictures from the museum but here’s a long boat:


I really enjoyed getting a more thorough background about the archaeological aspects of these find through these exhibits. If you have ever been remotely interested in archaeology (and seriously who hasn’t) definitely take a few hours to go through the museum.

We then were quite hungry (we hadn’t eaten since breakfast at the hotel) and made our way to Temple Bar. You definitely have to go here if you are in Dublin. The food was great, the vibe is fantastic, and they had live music. Speaking of which while we were there the band played “Galway Girl”, I cannot believe how many P.S. I Love You aspects have popped up completely naturally so far on this trip. I mean seriously, it’s day 2!



We went back to the hotel for a bit of a relax and then headed out to The Brazen Head which claims to be the oldest pub in Dublin. They have a street sign displaying the distances between cities around the world from their location which I really loved.


They also had a weather predicting stone which I didn’t get a picture of but you can kind of see in the background above. The write up about it had me chuckling quite heartily. They also had live music which was very enjoyable. The band played a few country songs which made Mel both confused and thrilled (she’s a country fan). They do close earlier as they also function as a hotel so if you do go word of warning they close at 11:30 p.m. As it was dying down a bit we went over to M. O’Briens which is owned by the same people and also happened to be right by our hotel. They had a live band playing and they were very up beat and fun. They have two rooms, a more chilled out one and then the one with the live music. It was a very cool little pub.

And so ended day 2 of our Ireland/England adventure. I am not a photographer so my pictures aren’t the greatest.

I wanted to add Day 3 here but it is taking forever to transfer the pictures over so that’s all for now.

Best Wishes,
~Sara D’Agostino


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