Day 3 – Dublin/Galway

We started the day in Dublin, checked out of our hotel after breakfast, left our bags in the luggage lock and made our way to the last few things we wanted to do. I had to pick up a final souvenir for my Dad (I’m not saying what it is because that would ruin the surprise) and then we went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. This place was absolutely breathtaking. They have historical exhibits inside, an interactive portion, and a lot of Jonathan Swift Information. If you are in Dublin I definitely recommend going.


St. Patrick’s Cathedral (Hey look I learned how to use captions)
The Lady’s Chapel at St. Patrick’s which is dedicated to the Virgin Mary

Once we were done inside the Cathedral we explored the park which has a plaque near where the well would have been when St Patrick did his first Baptism in Ireland. We looked everywhere for the plaque and were just about to give up and suddenly there it was. It is literally right by where we entered and I have no idea how it took us so long to find it!

The plaque that took forever to find!

We picked up some wraps on our way to the hotel from O’Briens (not the same as the pub from yesterday) which were absolutely delicious and just what we needed before heading over to the train station.

There was a direct bus from right outside our hotel to Heuston Station where we had to catch the train to Galway which was super convenient (Bus 145 and it was 2.70 Euro for the trip). We decided on buying a Eurrail Pass for Ireland for this trip as we are travelling between three far off cities of the country. We had some help from a gentleman in an information vest on where to find the ticket counter to activate the passes, but there was no line up and everything was so much smoother and faster than I personally expected. After they were activated we literally just got on the train that we wanted. SUPER EASY! Just for the ease of using it I would recommend the train passes. The train ride was fantastic, super comfortable, right on time, and going through the Irish Country was breathtaking! (The pictures do it no justice.)

Train Pictures are hard

It was extremely difficult to get a good picture from a moving train. To anyone who has successfully accomplished this I bow to your prowess!

We got to Galway and walked to the B&B  (Dun Romain on Beach Court) we had booked. It was a longer walk than we expected because Google didn’t know that there was a short cut to get to the house quicker but it gave us a nice taste of how beautiful this city is. Once we checked in and dropped off our bags we went back out and took some pictures before heading over to the restaurant that the Owner of the B&B, Larry, said had the best Fish & Chips. Just take a look at a little slice of the beauty of Galway.

This is a monument to the famine that is right by our B&B


Larry was right about the Fish & Chips, they were absolutely delicious. The restaurant is called Mc Donaugh’s. They have two sides of the establishment, if you want the fried fish & chips, which we obviously did, you go up to the counter and order but they also have a sit down restaurant with more grilled options. They have been around since 1902 for good reason, definitely worth going to if you are in Galway.

McDonagh’s, best fish & chips! 
Look at the deliciousness in this picture!

They don’t have a bar there but they told us to order at the pub next door and you could bring the beer into the restaurant (at least for the fried side) so that’s what we did. Once we were done eating we went to the pub next door, The Spanish Arch. They has live music which was absolutely fantastic and completely Irish. It was the exact pub experience we have been looking for. The place was packed! The band finished at 9:30 pm and the pub emptied quite quickly. They end the live music early as it also functions as a hotel and people want to sleep. I loved the vibe of this place. It was just exactly what we needed. There was also a Football match on so it made the experience even better!


We walked back to the B&B after and called it a night. We have an early start in the morning. We are exploring the Aran Islands!

~Sara D’Agostino


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