Days 5 & 6 – Cork

We left Galway on the morning of day 5 and hopped on the train to Cork, we had to transfer trains in Limerick. I am going to miss the beauty of Galway but there is so much more to see. One day I will come back and once more look out off the edge of a cliff and see the world in a new way. The train ride to Cork went smoothly and the Irish countryside is absolutely gorgeous.


We arrived in Cork in the early afternoon and luckily our hotel was under ten minutes from the train station. We stayed at The Metropole which is a beautiful building, comfortable rooms, and an extremely nice staff. We decided to take a bit of a nap, it’s surprising how tired you get sitting on a train and lugging your suitcase around with you. We woke up and went on a search for food. Walking through Cork City was lovely. It is so very different from Galway and Dublin. You really see a meld of old, new, and natural beauty throughout this city. There are monuments, old buildings, and the river running through the city really makes it something special.

We ate dinner at a place called The Brick Lane. I had the ribs which were absolutely delicious, my goodness fall off the bone yumminess. We then explored the city some more and followed our ears to an outside patio that had some live music. It was very pretty with hanging lights above. I can’t remember the name but it was across the street from the old courthouse. We then ended the night at The Crane Lane Theatre which is on Cork’s list of historic pubs to enjoy some drinks, live music, and a bit of dancing. It was a lovely first night in the city.

On Day 6 we ventured to Blarney Castle. We took a bus from the bus station in Cork, return fare for students was 7 euro. It was a lovely ride sitting on the top of a double decker bus enjoying the scenery. The ride went by quickly and then we were in Blarney village, a really adorable small town. We walked up to the castle and purchased our tickets and then went exploring. The castle is absolutely fantastic and the grounds are gorgeous! It was a bit rainy when we were there, I can only imagine how lovely it would be to walk through the grounds on a nice sunny day. If it is nice weather you will want to stay all day so definitely take some time to enjoy the grounds. The castle took my breath away. I am a sucker for history and castles so it was a dream to get to walk through it at our leisure. It is tricky getting up the stairs, the steps are small, the stone can be slippery, and the stairs are curved so take your time and be careful. When you get to the top you can choose to kiss the stone, which of course we did. You have to lay on your back and arch yourself down, they hold you and there are bars to grab onto so it’s safe but definitely not for someone who is afraid of heights (Mom you would have been freaking out). I adored Blarney.

We caught the bus back to Cork City, we had to wait quite a while, they were either really delayed or a bus didn’t come, but we got back to the city and got some fish & chips at a place called Lennox. This was recommended on trip adviser. The food was really good but not as good as the place in Galway. Thus far Galway is definitely winning our fish & chips rankings. This was our last day in Cork so we took the afternoon/evening to explore the other parts of the city we wanted to see. We walked to the College Univeristy which was fantastic, seriously this trip is making me want to apply to one of these schools. We then went to St Anne’s Church to see the Shandon Bells, we only saw it from the outside but it is a lovely old church. Then we went back to the hotel. We had a light dinner in the bar at The Metropole, and then we stayed in and had a girls night. A bottle of wine and The Holiday to get us ready for the next leg of our trip.

We are currently on the train to Dublin to catch a ferry over to Holyhead and then travel to Bath. Day 7 is pretty much a travel day, we are going to enjoy the scenery and hopefully not miss any of our connecting trains.

Much love,

~Sara D’Agostino


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