A Goal Achieved

July 31st marked the completion of a major goal in the theatre for me, the first time my work was performed on stage. My play, 34 Hours, was selected to be a part of the EOS One Act Play Festival produced by Alex Fairlie and Robyn Ship. After a hugely successful six show run I can now formulate my experience so much more clearly.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to everyone who came to support this show, it truly means the world to me that I have such amazing people in my life. Thank you so much for making my dreams a reality!

I also have no words for the absolutely amazing cast I had the opportunity to work with on this project. As a playwright, thank you for bringing my words to life. You all were completely true to the characters and the story. Thank you so much. As a director, thank you for your trust, commitment, and vulnerability. 34 Hours has some really heavy material and you all battled through it, brought amazing questions to the table, and really delved into the words on the page. I am so proud of all of your hard work and dedication to this show. I mean look at you guys:

Cafe - EOS - Full CastFrom left to right: Me as cafe patron, Natasha Nave as Susan, Bethany Papadopoulos as Cafe Patron (Jessie), Chanel Marie McKinnon as Penny, Ryan Boulet as Officer Andrew

I have a few more screen shots from the video to share with all of you so here you go:

Penny - hit and run - EOS - ChanelChanel McKinnon as Penny
Nat and Chanel EOS - Travel agentFrom left to right: Natasha Nava as the Travel Agent and Chanel McKinnon as Penny
Last Scene - EOS - Chanel, Bethany, RyanFrom left to right: Chanel McKinnon as Penny, Bethany Papadopoulos as Jessie, and Ryan Boulet as Officer Andrew

Finally, to our absolutely phenomenal stage manager, Liz Currie. I could not imagine having done this show without you. Thank you so much for your input and support throughout the process. Your tech abilities, your lighting instincts, and your sound design made this show so much better than I could have imagined. You are an incredible stage manager and I hope we will get to work together again.

I could not have asked for a better first experience of having my work on stage and also my directorial debut! The cast and crew I got to work with made this entire process so completely easy for me. Thank you all so much!

Much love to everyone! My heart is bursting!

Now on to work and writing act 2!

~Sara D’Agostino